Festina Lente

August 26, 2009

Festina lente means to make haste slowly. It is Cosimo I de Medici’s motto, illustrated by a tortoise with a sail for a tail.

It is also a style of modern classical music exemplified by Arvo Part, an Estonian composer.

I am a fan of both:)




Leprechaun sitings in the deep south…

Because the night…

February 20, 2009

My coworker and I had a singalong of this song today, and ever since it’s been stuck in my head.

I love Patti Smith in general, and I’ve loved this song specifically for about as long as I can remember. Such a perfect thing to have in the back of my head as I go through my day.

February 20, 2009

lloyds-clockWhile messing around and killing time on Flickr today, I came across this set of pictures of London architecture. I’m a sucker for anything involving geometrical forms and architecture. These are the perfect fix for afternoon boredom.

Hopeless Romantic.

February 18, 2009


My cousin got married this weekend. This, in combination with the Valentine’s Day romance onslaught and the ridiculous proliferation of cute babies that were to be seen as the weather grew more hospitable, lead me to think about love and marriage and family and all that fun stuff. Conclusion: I have years to go and hundreds of things to do before that begins to be factored in. Perks of being 24 in this day and age. But, in the meantime, I’d settle for a sentiment and gesture like this. Call me romantic. Call me demanding. So beautiful, though. And rendered tragic, by the title.

“Please Don’t Break My Heart,” installation by Sandy Smith. [via Slow Motion Crawl]

Parole, parole

February 13, 2009

I miss home.


This makes me think fondly of the boys in high school… and their subsequent status facebook pictures;-)

Because it’s Monday

February 9, 2009

Everyone needs their dose of cheesiness to really get into their day.

Today’s song

February 4, 2009

Even though I’ve been listening to Miles Davis all day, and am about to go see Rigoletto at the Met (yay! First time going to the opera in two years!) this ends up being today’s earworm. It’s been stuck in my head since yesterday. I was convinced it was an Animal Collective song, since I’ve been listening to Merriweather Pavilion on repeat, and was going mad looking for it.

Hurray for Architecture in Helsinki, though. One of my very favourite band names.

Without further ado:

To be perfectly honest, I’m only quite so madly in love with the first few chords of the song, but those resonate enough with me to make it all work.