Bicultural Confusion.

February 4, 2009

French 60’s pop is notorious for appropriating and translating popular chart-topping American songs. Years of listening to oldies radio stations in both countries have procured me many instances of delight and befuddlement as I recognized melodies sung in different languages, never knowing which was the original. I always wondered, for example, which came first, the yellow polka dot bikini or Dalida’s bikini rouge et jaune a petits pois. This was the pre-wikipedia age mind you, so such questions could happily be left unanswered from one summer to the next. Tangentially, I continue to be amused by the Dutch one hit wonder David Alexander Winter, who sang with an American accent and made little French hearts swoon with his bold, brassy swagger a la Tom Jones. I digress.

Here is a song by eurovision SLC pop idol France Gall I adore at the moment. I found the clip tonight while playing musical mind association games beginning with Josephine Baker’s “J’ai Deux Amours, Mon Pays et Paris” (in honor of my impending citizenship interview and chronic nostalgia).


I leave you to compare with the April March version showcased in Quentin Tarantino’s untoppably cool grindhouse B-movie/ almost chick flick, Death Proof:



February 3, 2009

02ECHASEA.JPGThey’re remaking Bonnie and Clyde. Hilary Duff is starring.

The horror.

Mainly, though, I just wanted an excuse to put up this picture. Have a pair of film outlaws ever looked cooler? I love you, Faye Dunaway.


February 2, 2009

I watched Do the Right Thing again the other night, and among other things, found myself fixated on the sheer coolness of Radio Raheem’s knuckle dusters.

radioraheemThere is no way in hell I could actually pull something like that off, (though not for lack of ardent wishing) but seeing this sparked a desire for some really enormous and/or badass jewelry for my left hand. My right hand is covering the dainty rings.

Scouring the nets, I stumbled across the following exemplars:

Rumi from Fashion Toast wearing the Elizabeth & James knuckle ring in silver.
fashion-toast-elizabeth-james-ring1Sadly, it’s old news, hasn’t been knocked off as far as I can tell, and is unfindable on eBay, or else I’d be all over it. I love the length and the minimalist lines. I’ve seen other rings of this shape (and annoyingly, have passed up near-identical ones from street vendors back home in Italy!) but they tend to have stones, or other things going on, which overloads the impact of the length. I do not approve.

Continuing with the minimalism, I really enjoy this take on the knuckle duster, found in Metalsugar‘s shop on Etsy.

slender-bar-ringAction shot:


I kind of fear that I would inadvertantly manage to stab myself in the eye with it, but I do love the simplicity of the line.

I also loved this, but some  horrible person bought it before I could measure my ring size. (From myheartmonster‘s shop on Etsy.)


Anyway, have to run off, but thought I would leave you with a final ring… one that I would never wear, except as a joke, but wish ardently I could pull off. Every day. All the time. For all those moments I need to feel like an action hero.

Three finger POW! ring from Ehsani‘s online store.


January 31, 2009


Quick post, as I procrastinate from other doings. I love this song. Well, I loved the original, and let’s face it, who doesn’t have a girl-crush on Feist? No Broken Social Scene concert or iPod commercial can quite be complete without her. How I came to hear this version was equally charming. Enjoy!

On repeat.

January 30, 2009

I can’t find my headphones, so I think my coworkers might kill me. I’m trying to alternate it with other stuff enough that I can pull off playing this a ton without incurring any wrath. But I love this song today.

I’m not sure why it is I love it so much. I certainly have never been in the situation described in the song, so I’m not undergoing some deep mystical identification with that, but I’m digging the emotion. And her voice. I’m usually not enthralled by the cutesy-voiced girls genre [whenever I listen to Joanna Newsom I have to suppress the urge to hunt her down and smack her soundly for being so odious] but hers is acceptable.

Also on rotation (and to force you to listen to Lykke Li 🙂 ):

Found, sort of.

January 30, 2009

I ve been looking for the word for this thing all week: un inhalateur!! This one isn’t nearly as pretty as the ones we have back home. Oh the bliss to have my face comfortably lodged in the funnel of such a contraption with a yellow and white striped dishcloth over my head. Hmm… There are very few instances when my dad actively took care of me. Busting this puppy out and adding eucalyptus scents to it like his mommy used to was one of them. Priceless memory. I wish nostalgia came in a pill and could cure all ills. If it did, I’d be the healthiest woman alive.

So timely!

January 29, 2009

Hah! Just as I was longing for the supermodels of yore, I find out that Gaultier had the magnificent Ines de la Fressange walk for him in Paris this week.


And now a  picture from the days she was actively modelling, from Chanel:


Early Morning Dance Party

January 29, 2009

I love George Michael. Unabashedly. I also miss the days when supermodels were actually gorgeous, instead of looking vaguely diseased. How better to start a morning when I get to lounge blissfully around than by revisiting these old classics?

(And how amazing is the motorcycle corset in the one below? Thierry Mugler is an insane, insane genius.)

Actually, I’m not sure if these videos are more of a testament to my love for George Michael or my love for Linda Evangelista’s general status as a goddess. So why don’t I give you some George all on his own. Shall I?

Ahh…. perfect, leisurely way to wake up. Perfect sunny morning, time enough for breakfast, and George Michael. Bliss.

(Now if I only lived on my own… but that’s something to be worked on for a later day.)

Popped into my head today, and I couldn’t resist putting this up, in honour of myself aged 15-20. Maybe it’s time for me to have it as my ringtone again.

So bad.

January 16, 2009

It’s terribly un-PC, but I really really want a fur hat.

sw[Garance Dore]

sybille1[Garance Dore again]

and finally, more casually…

badboysshirt[TV Carnage and Street Boners]

Not 100% crazy about that last one, but I like the spirit in which it is worn.

So… off to the vintage stores for me! And I’ll try not to cry as I think of the really cute one I tried on and contemplated buying when I was in St. Petersburg two summers ago.

Sigh… I’m a terrible person. I love fur. I hate the way fake fur feels. Maybe vintage is the answer?