July 21, 2007

A piece of trivia I learned at the office this week: in architecure circles, design workshops are called “charettes”. “What does it mean in French?”, asked my boss, marc, who spells his name with a “c”. (It s a cart.) Apparently no relation right? Well actually, back in the day at the beaux arts, they had these design competitions/exams during which students huddled into a room, bent over their easels for 24 hours, and the next morning a cart was wheeled around to collect their work. These creative all-nighters were called “Charettes”. Thus, the appropriated anglo-saxon usage: a collaborative task performed under strict time constraints.


During my meanderings through the internet, I came across the glorious shoe stylings of Sruli Recht, a young Icelandic designer who makes rather gorgeous men’s shoes out of exotic materials and assigns them glorious descriptors and recommended uses (see title of the post.) The shoes possess a fantastical quality, with the imagination that clearly goes into their conception, that makes me dearly wish he would turn his hand to woman’s shoes, as I’d love to see what could be accomplished there. Observe.