Sticking a toe in…

November 12, 2008

Tiptoeing back into blogging. I figured I’d try to start it off with this One-Word Meme that I stole from Alicia‘s blog. The one-word format pleases me, obnoxious though I generally find memes to be

Where is your mobile phone? Purse
Where is your significant other? conference
Your hair colour? Chestnut
Your mother? Romantic
Your father? Sentimental
Your favourite thing? Making
Your dream last night? Roiling
Your dream goal? Escape
The room you’re in? Rented
Your hobby? Reclining
Your fear? Omission
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Travelling
Where were you last night? Dining
What you’re not? Prepared
One of your wish-list items? Skills
Where you grew up? Inbetween
The last thing you did? packed
What are you wearing? Jammies
Your TV? Inexistent
Your pets? Imaginary
Your computer? Balky
Your mood? Contemplative
Missing someone? Sorely
Your car? Figment
Something you’re not wearing? Sweater
Favourite shop? Bookstore
Your summer? dreamt-of
Love someone? Dearly
Your favourite colour? Varying
When is the last time you laughed? Dinner
When is the last time you cried? Yesterday.
Play along if you like… it’s rather fun!
Tomorrow will be spent on a plane, and then I shall have to return to normal life. Not quite sure how to handle that– these past few days have been so full of family and sentiment that I haven’t really had time to process my grandfather’s absence from the spaces that should rightfully be his. I’ll take a deep breath, and then make it happen. Somehow, though, going back to billions of photocopies seems borderline unbearable. Sigh.