February 20, 2009

lloyds-clockWhile messing around and killing time on Flickr today, I came across this set of pictures of London architecture. I’m a sucker for anything involving geometrical forms and architecture. These are the perfect fix for afternoon boredom.



The hopes, the dreams.The soap-opera addiction? The stash of costume jewelry at the back of the wardrobe. The newspaper cuttings. The opera-length gloves tried on in front of the mirror.

[London Shop Fronts via Design Sponge]

Things I like today

December 3, 2008

Joel Sternfeld‘s photography:


Joel Sternfeld. Exhausted Renegade Elephant, Woodland, Washington, June 1979

(from American Prospects)

I was experiencing a major dose of nostalgia, for lack of a better word, for small-town America. Jeff Sternfeld’s photos come the closest to conveying the unusual beauty that expat American children mythologise to such a great extent. More on this some other time.

Sophie Blackall‘s illustration:


I desperately need to score an invitation to this tea party. Not sure if this is a very dangerous situation in the making, or if peace of some sort is to be had, but the combination of dubious snail and bizarro blue creature in checked pants and bowler hat is my kind of event. Maybe he’s menacingly sprinkling salt in his direction. The possibilities….

(The rest of her illustrations rock as well. This one just particularly struck me.)

Interesting bookcases:

Bookcase stairs = COVET.

(View is from the top of the stairs down. Click on the link for other angles.)


The fact that they function as the “secret staircase” to a loft in a Victorian apartment in London? Explosion of want-lust. You can see more pictures if you click on the link.

V-Shaped bookcase [via Gizmodo]:


Really cool concept, though the worrywart in me sees a little too much possibility for things crashing down in all directions, with books flying everywhere. Probably not meant for someone as clumsy as me. Sigh.

Clever Design:

Alphabet Buttons:


These make the craft/typography geek in me so so so very happy. A perfect marriage!

Energy Savings:


I was looking for a piggy bank of some sort, and found this. Love visual puns!

And finally, a wonderful poster:


I am obsessed with the cuteness of this poster to the point of having spent the afternoon daydreaming about the kitchen I would have to have to be able to put this in it. Yes. I am going to move apartments just so that I can put up a poster in the kitchen. But… it’s a poster about tea! Tea has wonderful, godly properties! What’s not to like?

Ok, that’s it for the day. Must actually accomplish something.