April 7, 2007

Ladytron – Playgirl

The term for a song stuck in your head is an earworm. A slightly gross word, yes, but I do like the image of the little song-worm (this would be a worm of the cute cartoon variety, not of the 21-metre tapeworm style) dancing around in your head to the song that it’s gotten stuck in there so thoroughly. It would wear little blue headphones and gave big black eyes. I think it would also have a grey ribbed hat. Someday I will draw this little earworm and its true cuteness will be comprehended. I think his name might be Doramund. I’m a sucker for antiquated-sounding names.

Anyway, today Doramund delivered unto me this Ladytron song, which had the effect of making me dance jerkily in whatever I seat I was occupying for the majority of the day. Of course, I spent much of the day in bed, so it wasn’t a problem. It was only later, when I met relatives for dinner, that the desire for robotic dancing aroused in me by the song (and by my crush on Ladytron) caused me any discomfort. Ah well.

Conclusion to Tragic Sock Loss of yesterday: Boyfriend dearest laughed at me, but then offered to obtain a pile of striped kneesocks to help my pain. Pronounced stri-PED, not merely striped.