On repeat.

January 30, 2009

I can’t find my headphones, so I think my coworkers might kill me. I’m trying to alternate it with other stuff enough that I can pull off playing this a ton without incurring any wrath. But I love this song today.

I’m not sure why it is I love it so much. I certainly have never been in the situation described in the song, so I’m not undergoing some deep mystical identification with that, but I’m digging the emotion. And her voice. I’m usually not enthralled by the cutesy-voiced girls genre [whenever I listen to Joanna Newsom I have to suppress the urge to hunt her down and smack her soundly for being so odious] but hers is acceptable.

Also on rotation (and to force you to listen to Lykke Li 🙂 ):


3 Responses to “On repeat.”

  1. Sabine said

    I love that this song (the first one) is about how we imagine and build up relationships or our idea of what relationships should be like. Indulgence, nostalgia, manufactured nostalgia, escape… the feeling that “I want to do this with you, and want you to want to do this with me too”.

    It’s nice that we no longer entirely identify with the lyrics – that we can separate the idea of a relationship from the person – ie. boys, men are human beings. Not the missing piece to complete fantastical, whimsical puzzles…

  2. Sabine said

    As for the second vid…. Diane Arbus meets Britney Spears’ Oops I did it again vid???

    When is the concert again???? xx

  3. geoff said

    I love that Lykke Li song, but I’d never seen the video. Honestly, a little creepy, Clockwork-Orangeish.

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