Found, sort of.

January 30, 2009

I ve been looking for the word for this thing all week: un inhalateur!! This one isn’t nearly as pretty as the ones we have back home. Oh the bliss to have my face comfortably lodged in the funnel of such a contraption with a yellow and white striped dishcloth over my head. Hmm… There are very few instances when my dad actively took care of me. Busting this puppy out and adding eucalyptus scents to it like his mommy used to was one of them. Priceless memory. I wish nostalgia came in a pill and could cure all ills. If it did, I’d be the healthiest woman alive.


One Response to “Found, sort of.”

  1. Musie said

    Oooh… I’ve always loved those! So pleasingly antiquated. Brings out memories of my step-grandmother, a charming, very proper Venetian lady with fluffy white hair and steely blue eyes. She swore by one of these (hers was more of a mint green colour with a discreet cream-coloured hood) and would bring it out whenever there was the slightest hint of illness in the air. Ahh… homesickness.

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