Late night

December 4, 2008

Just back from an evening with a friend. Bad bad bad BAD Korean food up near Columbia– I had to complain and have my dish taken away, because the smell of it was making me queasy. I never make a fuss in restaurants, but this was really disgusting. Replaced with dolsot bibimbap. Rice + vegetable yumminess + an egg = great happiness. The evening was further redeemed by red bean ice cream and good conversation in the lounge of her dorm, to the strains of someone apparently giving a private piano concerto. Three hours of background music. It gave our maunderings on about life, the Meaning Of It All, and the necessity of winning the lottery because we hate being so relatively poor the feeling of participating in some indie movie, probably French due to the length and earnestness of the conversation. The effect was odd, but lovely.

People-watching was good today. This morning, a woman on the subways with a strangely small face and hands, clutching a green backpack with “KATTY!” scrawled across it in flourescent pink above the doodle of a a cat face. She sat quietly while on the bench waiting for our train to come, but the instant the subway doors closed, she started rapping, narrating the stories of all the passengers as they sat on the train. I tragically couldn’t hear all of mine, but there was something about “sitting there all proper” as I read. She kept on rapping as she walked out the door three stops later

Next came a sweet old man with a stutter and a facial tic selling pictures at a craft fair I went to with a friend during a lunch break. I bought a print; he confessed I was his first sale all day. Such a dear man.

There were other great encounters too. I’m just too tired to recall them. Correct spelling can be an issue. Bedtime for Bonzo. Ooh! Just heard drunk people in the street. Fun times.

Ah. Yes. And the word I like best today is bombastic. In its honour, I leave you this video:


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