Second dip, with Shangri-las.

December 2, 2008

Musical accompaniment for this post is provided courtesy of the Shangri-Las:

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days. On careful (some might say anal-retentive) consideration, I think I might like this song even more than Leader of the Pack. Tough call. Shall have to listen to them both some more and ponder further. I love the Shangri-Las. Such badasses.


Anyway, this is my second dip back into the pool of blogging. Goal for this year of my being twenty four is to try to do this on at least a weekly basis, hopefully building up to more often. I like the idea of having a record of sorts. I’m so terrible at keeping paper journals. The concept is wonderful, and proves extremely useful when i have time to kill at home, but somehow never happens. We’ll see if i can make this work. I’ll readily sacrifice the impossibility of doodling all over this medium if it means I somehow write more regularly. Plus, I get to embed videos. What perks! I can hardly fathom them!

I had a whole long set of paragraphs planned maundering on about the Meaning of Life and other such things. That shall have to be for another night when I haven’t accidentally stayed up far too late, redecorating or reading. End summary is just that blogging is happening again, and hopefully it will become  a regular thing

For a final laugh, check out this video of Hilary Duff performing Leader of the Pack in the movie American Dreams. What a joke. it’s hilarious how everything is tweaked ever-so-slightly to conform to the ideals of today. Hair, outfits, reedy little voice. Sigh.


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