April 10, 2008

Two occurences that brought me joy and great amusement today:

Firstly, walking back from buying my lunch, I spot a man walking down the street towards me. He has slicked back black hair, a white button-down shirt, tight red pants, carefully cultivated facial hair and a self-satisfied look on his face. Not my usual run of male companions, but there’s something about him that is remarkably familiar. I rack my brain, trying to place him.

As he draws near, he shouts to an acquaintance across the street, “Ciao, Dani!”

I don’t know him at all. He’s just stereotypically Italian.


The second one doesn’t have a story behind it, but this person was just so remarkable that I had to pay attention. I was getting a spoon for my yoghurt (ah… what remarkable encounters I am brought to because of my lunch…) when I found myself confronted with the sort of individual that you only find around universities– similar to the weird guy with muttonchops who sits in Lamont all day reading newspapers and looking at girls while breathing heavily. Anyway, this guy was a treat, mainly because of the complete normalcy of his face. Ordinarily the more eccentric members of the population have at least something to distinguish them, but… no. Anyway, he was a completely non-descript man. In his late forties, graying brown hair, vaguely paunchy. He looked vaguely stressed, as though he were doing some work in this fine library. Ordinary. Except for the stereo headphones, on his head, the three strands of Mardi Gras beads– complete with peace signs!– around his neck, the Hawaiian shirt, the safari vest, and the pants tucked into his socks.

I’m going to miss these characters so much.


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