March 28, 2008

Evenings in are the best, which I suppose is good because there are so many of them. Recipe for happiness on a night that’s uneventful, but where we are simultaneously so twitchy and unfocused that friendly sniping grows dangerously close to reality and computers have to be abandoned? 15 minutes for pasta with spinach and ricotta (mmm), 45 minutes spent researching horses, Clydesdales in particular for their enormous feet (the size of dinner plates!) and general hilarity, for the imaginary house we will buy or build once a winning lottery ticket is found. 30 minutes of manic work, then 2 hours watching Castle in the Sky, which is yet another environment-touting Miyazaki animation that I loved with a childlike abandon. He wasn’t so sold on it, as he’s a little less able to abandon basic rationality and not question things, such as: Why does the bad technological part of the castle have to be destroyed? My answer: because the baddie is there, of course. And because technology and weapons are EVIL. Duhhhh. He: not convinced. Anyway, we sat there, me knitting on the sock I bring out for our movie sessions, and him vaguely simultaneously reading a poker book. He was actually watching the movie, but his eyes instantly shot back to it whenever I caught him dedicating masses of attention to the screen.

So yes, a humdrum day, but a good one. Before the evening, my main joy for the day was wearing a pretty blue dress and finding my pearl earrings. The punctuations alternated good/bad, but the overall effect was good. Now there are drums playing somewhere along Mass Ave. It would be tremendously annoying, but it’s somehow adding to my general state of pleasure. Hurray for pocket-sized happiness.

And on a side note, my favourite word for the day isĀ  humdrum. I enjoy the fact that it rhymes, and I just really like writing it. I think it would also be delightful to see a man with a large walrus moustache and a pince-nez repeating it to himself under his breath.


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