Now your mark is on my heart…forever!

March 1, 2008

I love this page from a romance comic that I found on Mike Sterling’s webpage (via Neil Gaiman‘s blog… wow i’m big on citing correctly today.) The conversation between the mouths is wonderful, and I’m a sucker for anything over the top and cheesy like this.

On a semi-tangential, semi-related note: Did I ever tell you about the glorious summer my cousin and I spent lying around eating popsicles and plowing through an immense stack of trashy romance novels we got at a used bookstore for a pittance? Pure bliss, I tell you. With lots of ripped bodices and heaving bosoms. I think we had to resort to shamefully taking more books out of the library once we made it through the stack. I would always get out one real book at the same time, and put it on top of my pile, so it didn’t immediately look to the librarian as though my brains had been replaced by fluff.


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