On Channel 10, part 1

August 11, 2007

Every evening, when I come home from work, it is more or less the same routine. I pull off my heels, hang up my keys, and stumble down the hallway, calling out “Bonsoir!” to my roommate’s parrot, Batman, and any other willing ears I can tell are home by the bedroom lights already pouring into the narrow hallway. My hope is that someday soon, Batman will return the greeting, but so far all he can say is “hi beautiful”, “huh-lloh” and something that sounds like a yacking cat. I pause by our superhero’s cage to pop in a favorite cd into the stereo. My favorite part of the evening routine, however, comes when I finally reach the kitchen and tune in to the French TV5 Monde newscast on Channel 10. Watching the French news as I cook reminds me of home – and brings me closer to home every evening.

to be continued…


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