April 11, 2007

Les Vampires (1915)

First of all, F E E L B E T T E R ! ! ! I can empathize. It would be so much easier to attribute one’s “odd appearance” to having a train run over you, as Irma Vep does here. Tangentially, it’s nice that she gets paid… I like how at the end of her day, this vampire diva dives into the moshpit of her “Howling Cat” haunt…
See minute 5:39 for some vampire wild, black rimmed eyes and flared nostrils…

Anyway, thought progression behind all this = your Amy Winehouse description made me think of this French movie with Jean-Pierre Léaud (the very grown up kid from 400 Blows) that I had seen in a class on French Cinema: Irma Vep (1996). The whole movie is about a director filming a remake of Louis Feuillade’s original Les Vampires episodes, of which this is an extract.

Hopefully not a jejune attempt to comment your post (and use the word jejune in a sentence).

1. without interest or significance; dull; insipid: a jejune novel.
2. juvenile; immature; childish: jejune behavior.
3. lacking knowledge or experience; uninformed: jejune attempts to design a house.
4. deficient or lacking in nutritive value: a jejune diet.


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