I am having a long day.

April 6, 2007

..and I just realised I wore a hole through my favourite stripey knee-socks.

But crunchy peanut butter and honey on thin scandinavian bread is oddly comforting and reminiscent of Snack. Though I do wish I weren’t too lazy to walk and get real bread. And milk. And a banana. Ah well.

A real post at some point when I’m not writing a paper about ideals of feminism in turn of the century Russia/steeling myself to clean my room.


3 Responses to “I am having a long day.”

  1. jackiesoybean said

    Ooh, or you could order (or import) foodstuffs (and socks) online ? For example, caramel-filled wafers – Gouda’s Glide. The wafers are big and round so that you can moisten and heat them on your tea cup as you wait for it to cool. Very yummy.

    But, question, what is this “real bread” you speak of? Where might I get my hands on some?



  2. jackiesoybean said

    and remember the lady and the laptop:
    “rejoice! for things could be far, far worse” or something.

    example, today is truly a glamourous sunglasses day! (yesterday not so much;-)

    (British spelling is so much more elegant – or perhaps simply more reminiscent of the French?…)

    “here’s to looking” forward to longer days of sunshine;-)

  3. jackiesoybean said

    oops I meant lapdog…

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